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HJGB Makes a Surprise Visit to My Homtown 11/29/14


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I was at work when I heard that awesome "piston engine" sound that most of us love to hear. I knew right away that it was some type of WWII aircraft. I looked up and saw this beautiful P-51D thundering overhead. I watched as it landed at the airport basically across the street from where I was working. Because I'm certified to enter the airport property I called over to the corporate ramp and asked the young lady on the other end of the phone if that P-51 had just landed on her side of the airport. She replied "Yep, it sure did." I immeidately was filled with excitment and asked her if I could come over and take some quick shots with my phone. She told me that she would have to check with the pilot but would get right back to me. Approximately three minutes later she called back and said "The pilot said come on over and take as many pictures as you want." I drove, rather quickly to the corporate side, and got there just in time to catch the pilot buttoning up and securing the Mustang. I shook his hand and asked him his name and he replied "Bruce Winter." We joked and joshed, and spoke warbird for just a few minutes as, many of you can imagine, he was rather rushed to leave as he had a friend waiting on him. It was only later after I had left the airport, started googling online, did I realize what a special P-51 I had encountered. Not to mention that Mr. Winter was a very professional, polite, and cool guy. I suppose that I was just in the right place at the right time. It was awesome to see Happy Jacks Go Buggy and meet Mr. Winter!!!!




Me and Bruce WInter (P-51 Driver).jpg

Happy Jacks Go Buggy 4.jpg

Happy Jacks Go Buggy 5.jpg

Happy Jacks Go-Buggy 2.jpg

Happy Jacks Go Buggy 3.jpg

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