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XP Shadows are HORRIBLE... wth?


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So I'm starting to build up my x-plane install, etc. and I've run into an issue that I don't quite know how to fix...


It's concerning shadows. Shadows inside the cockpit, and also external shadows, for example those of my aircraft against the runway or parts of the aircraft against other parts of the fuselage.


The level of jaggedness they have is horrendous, and really take away from the immersion factor.


I have seen videos/screenshots of other folks where these are quite smooth, but I haven't found a way to change the settings on my setup to come even remotely close to that.



Just to be clear, this is not a "general" issue with the settings and rendering options. EVERYTHING else (the aircrafts themselves, scenery, instruments, etc.) are just great and as smooth as you set the AA options to. It is just with this element, the shadows, where I have problems.


Here are some sample screenshots:











Does anyone have any idea/clue as to what could be wrong/what I could try?

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If you are using the HDR rendering mode, as you should, you should also leave the anti-alias level parameter at "none".

Use the HDR-specific method of anti-aliasing instead.


Excellent. I too will have to give that a try, since I get similar jagged shadows. Thanks for the tip.

- James
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