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@ Sukhumi, a nice airport in ... the partially recognized state of Abkhazia :D

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(Please note, that this thread will contain a lot of description and a screenshot not from MSFS of any versions, and I (regretfully) didn't make screenshots of my landing in Beijing, which was fortunately uneventful. Also in some screenshots you may see black tree textures, as I used a scenery for FS2004 here in my FSX)



Hey guys & welcome to my 1st thread of MSFS Screenshot forum ! Here, I'm going to take you to one of the best airports in conflict zones / partially recognized states via FSX ; Sukhumi Babushara Airport in Abkhazia !




Abkhazia itself is a pertially recognized state situated at western Georgia, with Sukhumi acting as its capital. It gained its de facto independence from Georgia in 1999, and first got international recognition in 2008 (from Russia). It has since gained recognition from Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Nauru as well. However, most UN states still doesn't recognize Abkhazia as an independent state, thus making Abkhazia a de jure part of Georgia.





As for the airport, Sukhumi Babushara Airport (UGSS) is Abkhazia's main airport. It is located at 20 km of Sukhumi (with population of 62,914), and next to the coast of the Black sea at an altitude of 53 ft (16 m) AMSL. In real life, the airport used to be busy during the Soviet era. Now it is closed & pretty much abandoned ; only flights approved by Georgia's government or carried out by Russian Air Force are allowed to use the airport. But hey, we're talking about the airport in FSX, right ?


in FSX, the airport is usable for ALL KINDS of flights, just like normal airports (Like me, using China Southern's Boeing 777-200 at the picture above). It is accessible in FSX with the ICAO code UGSS (yet it's listed under 'Georgia' due to Abkhazia's disputed status.)




The airport's not very big, with a small terminal formerly capable of processing about 300 people per hour (which consisted of 4 gates). Nonetheless, the airport's apron and runway (oriented '12/30') are big enough for heavies like a Boeing 747 / 777 to use it . The runway itself is 3661 m / 12012 ft long and about 50 m / 164 ft wide ! That's definitely enough for a fully loaded 777 to take-off isn't it ?




It's really a good airport for your heavies in FSX ; you can fly with heavies non-stop from there in FSX to pretty much everywhere on the globe except to Australia (which requires at least 1 stop)

(IRL though, I'm not sure if the runway or apron can actually fit a 777 or any other heavies in, due to their derelict conditions. Besides, I don't know their PCN numbers IRL)


With all explained, let's go to the departure !



THE FLIGHT (P.S this is only a scenario to the 2008 war, when Abkhazia first got international recognition)


Back in 2008...Many people left Abkhazia due to the ensuing war...

As a result, Chinese Government decided to evacuate Chinese citizens remaining in Abkhazia, and a China Southern Boeing 777 (with flight number CZ8034 , ZBAA - UGSS - ZBAA) was sent in to Sukhumi to evacuate Chinese citizens remaining in Abkhazia, and apparently some Abkhaz-Georgian who had gained asylum in China.




The jet was loaded with 229 passengers, consisting of 190 Chinese and 39 Abkhaz-Georgians.







The jet left Babushara Airport's gate at 5:50 AM, ready for a return flight to Beijing Capital. The controller (which had no place name at FSX's ATC system) instructed us to go to runway 12, for our 6 hours and 25 minutes flight (+ 4 hours due to time differences)







The controller gave us takeoff clearance shortly after we arrived at the runway, and so we departed Sukhumi.

We arrived in Beijing on time (at 4:15 PM Beijing time).


Aircraft from OVE-130 (https://www.fspilotshop.com/overland-japan-boeing-edition-p-972.html)

Repaint (China Southern Airlines) by Daniel Kuhn

Scenery by Anta142

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