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Wanted: Testers for XP preferences manager


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Hello @ll,


as a newbie in all matters X-Plane I stumbled over the inability to assign different controller profiles to different aircraft. I have an extensive setup of external controller hardware (Yoke, Tiller, Joystick, several throttle quadrants, TPM, etc.) and I like to set up specific controller "profiles" for each aircraft individually.


As it seemed rather straight forward where the controller assignments and calibrations are stored, I implemented a small tool that allows me to take a snapshot of the X-Plane preferences whenever I feel like it, organize them into groups and start my X-Plane with any preferences that I select. The snapshots contain the selected aircraft and airport too, so I can jump right into the cockpit and all controllers and levers do what they are supposed to.


If people are interested, I will upload it to the library - but first I need volunteers to beta test it.


So - if you like, please drop me a note here in the forum, and I will send you a download link to the app.




Best regards

Oliver Binder


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