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landing is just like golf, you make most mistakes when putting...

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so today i did a flight in fs9 from KSEA-KOAK, but because of a scenery glitch somewhere near portland i decided to go via KBOI and so most of the flight was great and was using PMDG 737NG (not NGX) with a 737-800 in boeing alaska scheme, and everything went well except for the go around and i lost altitude and crashed and when i checked the acars it was -6000 plus fpm, so i couldnt pirep it, all in all it was a good flight!!...




But since i havent been posting like full image threads here for a while id like to explain why that has been the case. On march the 23rd, my mom had a heart attack and had not made it through to be revived so she passed...I still am flying but i not as much...


since for some reason i have to upload the images one at a time for some reason, i thought id add them to imgur...



btw last photo is over the nevada cali border where theres a reservoir or lake where lake tahoe is...lost of cool intersting named airports there









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Darren, Really sorry to hear about your Mom. You have my heartfelt sympathy. Don't worry about your posts, or problems with flights at this time. Just spend some time reflecting about all the wonderful times you remember you had with your Mom.


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Very sorry to hear about your Mom, Darren, such a loss is never easy; my thoughts are with you. Nice post, by the way, and don't worry about the crash landing, it's understandable, and... vonPeerhoven does it all the time!
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Sorry to hear the bad news. Best wishes.


About landing/go-around.

I approach at 3000 above ground.

On final at some point I switch on approach mode. After that I just set vertical speed to +100.

--That way if I need to go around all I have to do is re-engage AP (and AT), and I climb out safely back to 3000 AGL.

(Lazy piloting, but it works well.)

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