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Lots of Good News in the Texas-friendly skies.


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Lots of great things have been happening at TexAir in the last few weeks. Our flight schedule is flat out massive, but just over 1/2 complete restoring it to what it once was. We've always compared our routes to that of a legacy carrier, but utilizing different or more off-the-beaten-path crew bases and focus airports. We've also been adding a lot of little details and functionality within the website, making the pilot experience more enjoyable by the day.


This week, we just added three great features that we've never had before, and pilots are reacting well over the additions. We announced our new partnership with SimBrief, in which pilots can get an automated dispatch of their flight without even leaving our website. We also opened our first "subsidiary", JenaJet, a company that focuses on general aviation contracts and on-demand charters. What this means for our pilots is they can now stray from flying TexAir metal and/or schedules if they wish, and fly somewhere airliners can't go in their favorite business aircraft carrying our VIP clients. Lastly, we have added a fifth ACARS client to our PIREP options, CCF Tracker.


The options just keep getting better and we have no intentions to stop. We are also looking into the more popular payware options to offer pilots in the near future, as well, and even ways to spend their virtual earnings. So you might as well come by and see how we're doing, yell "Howdy", and sign up if you like. Our most popular hub is the unique, one-and-only Austin (also our HQ), but we also feature hubs in Denver, Las Vegas, Portland, Minneapolis, DC, and Tampa. We're really connecting Texas with the rest of the world. http://www.texairvirtual.org




If you can't tell from some of my posts, we really do keep a laid back attitude at TexAir, and we're not into simulating much of the 'corporate' side of an airline. But even so, we could use some qualified and experienced pilots to fill a few staff positions, which will help make things better even faster.


At present, we'd like to fill the following positions fairly soon:

- Fleet Manager

- Brand Manager

- Hub Managers for KDEN, KPDX, KMSP, KIAD, & KTPA.


We are also accepting applications for these other positions:

- Website Manager

- Events Manager


If you've done similar things in the past, are interested in contributing to a VA as more than a pilot, and don't want to be part of a huge 'corporate structure', you're the kind of person we're looking for. Come by the website and get a feel for what we're about, and if you like what you see, go ahead and apply. We don't bite...hard...but the salsa does. :D

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