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Hello everyone, i am new to flightsim and want to build a new PC dedicated for FSX, right now my budget is at max 800 USD, after my initial investment i´m planning to make further improvements on the CPU and probably the GPU, so far i´ve come to this INITIAL INVESTMENT:


-Intel Core i3 6100 3.7 GHz 2 Cores Socket 1151


-Nvidia GTX 750ti 2GB GDDR5 HDMI/DVI Gigabyte Windforce


-Motherboard GA-Z170X-Gaming 5 Gigabyte Socket 1151 Intel Z170 ATX (might consider a lower-class motherboard that also accepts overclocking)


-RAM DDR4 8GB 2400MHz Kingston HyperX Fury 1 Module




600W 80+ Power supply (any specific model suggestion is welcome)


Tower (also suggestions are welcome)




That is what i´m planning to get at the moment as i want to start playing as soon as i can :)



I tried to make those choices considering i want to make this further improvements:


-Change my CPU to Intel i7 6700k to overclock


Add an SSD 256 gb or +


Add up an extra DDR4 8GB 2400MHz Kingston HyperX Fury 1 Module for DUAL CHANNEL


Add a cooler for my pc (suggestions)




I need all your opinions as to what changes would yo make,additional further improvements you might consider and any thing really to optimize my fsx experience.


If anyone also finds a way to lower the cost of my INITIAL INVESTMENT i would also appreciate it, but only pieces that will be compatible when i make further changes.



I also wanted some help and recommendations on the best way to distribute WINDOWS 10 and FSX in my Drives.



Thanks everyone :)

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