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GNS-5xx OR Radio-Plus-Autopilot


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I am considering the following:


A set of Saitek, Radio-Panel-PZ69 and Multi-Panel-PZ70 for $304,


VRInsight GPS-5 for $400, or

EmuTeq GarSim GNS-530 for £465


Is there enough overlap in features / functionality that I can get just a GNS-5xx

or would I still need to get a radio and autopilot?


I anticipate using them for hopping to the next VOR beacon and to the next airport,

and autopilot to hold bearing and altitude while I look around and figure out where to go next.


Would I promptly outgrow just a GNS-5xx and want a radio to talk to people (like VATSIM)?


Thanks in advance,


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