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Iris Dynamics Force Feedback yoke


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Iris (http://www.irisdynamics.com)had a demo of their DragonFlyVR yoke at Sun 'n Fun last week- at the Aircraft Spruce booth. It was pretty cool and there was a flight sim company asking about buying several hundred of them for their desktop simulator.


I see that they have lowered their price and I'm thinking about getting one for myself. I have flown FSX and XPlane, but I found them boring compard to real flying. With the Iris Yoke, I have flown aerobatics and it was a hoot with the special effects. There is some information on their old Forum, but this is a new product. Can anyone with a Dragonfly share their experiences?


Thanks, Werner

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Thanks Mark! The one at Sun n Fun was in a plexiglass case to show the guts. There was also an actuator there that was being displayed. The demo had a bunch of dials for running various forces. There was one little kid that turned everything to max so it looked like a paint mixer.


The bearded guy (Pat?) was there but it was really hard to talk to him, he was so busy. Apparently, Aircraft Spruce has worldwide distribution rights. I didn't realize they were so big in flight sim. There was a Redbird in the both as well.


I saw the new handle. I heard that is a modified version of one sold by Aircraft Spruce for real airplanes.


Thanks for the hard work you put into your videos.



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