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Boeing 737NG Simulator Parts for Sale


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Hello everyone,


I have built up an almost full 737 simulator, and am now unfortunately selling parts from it.


Parts are as follows:


OpenCockpits FMC v3: 375 EUR or 470 USD*


FMC is fully working and in top working condition, no scratches or dings on unit.




OpenCockpits MCP v3 White Digits no box + Two homemade EFIS panels: 400EUR or 500USD*


MCP is in mint condition, no issues, all buttons, LEDS, and displays work. EFIS panels are homemade and dual-concentric on the in.HG/hPa and BARO set selctors and the BARO/RA and Minimums selectors. Encoders are 2x encoders, comes with PoKeys 56U interface




JetMax 737 Throttle Quadrant: 807EUR or $1000 USD*


Throttle looks brand new and behaves brand new. No scratches or defects.




OpenCockpits Flaps Gauge & accompanying panel wired with switches and ready for interface: 75EUR or 95USD*


Panel has no damages to it, switches and LEDs have wires and are ready to be interfaced with your favorite interface card.




OpenCockpits 45º Captain and F/O DU selector: 25EUR or 30USD*


Both panels are in excellent condition and come with rotary switches pre-wired.






Boeing 737NG Complete Overhead Kit: 1000EUR or 1250USD without cards*, 1500EUR or 1900USD with cards*


The Overhead kit comes with pre-wired switches, LEDs and displays, powered by 1 PoKeys 56U + 7-segment display addon, 1 FlightDeckSolutions 128-in/256-out interface card, and 1 Fidgets 64-led PWM card (Allows for dining of LEDs). For electrics information display it comes with a Matrix Orbital display, 6-ft Serial cable and Rosewill PCI Serial output card. All gauges are included with OpenCockpits gauge set and 2 SIOC Servo controller cards.


Does not include frame, as the wood frame is too heavy to ship.




Captain and F/O 6-pack, Master Caution and Fire Warn Light set: 150EUR or 190USD*


All items are in mint condition, no scratches or damage.






OpenCockpits IOCards Servo Card: 15EUR or 18USD*


Used for MIP on sim, can be bundled with another item for cheaper




Payments will be processed through PayPal to offer buyers protection, and items will be shipped upon receipt of payment.


*-Please note any items marked with an asterisk mean the buyer is responsible for shipping fees.


All parts are based in US

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If only I had the money and space to build. I'm curious as to why you're selling? You seemed to have put in a lot of work. If it's personal, I understand.
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