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ASI gauge goes to Zero during climb / descent.


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I have been having this problem for some time with most of my aircraft,( in FS2004 ) it usually only last 30 sec or so .


It affects each aircraft differently. Wilco Airbus the worst , ASI zero, 7000fpm + climb, thrust goes to togo, auto Throttle switches off. If I catch it fast and re trim nose down fast not so bad.


Level D 767 the least affected ASI zero no other effect, flight continues normally.


I have Rex weather, and always ensure pitot heat is on.


It appears to be weather related, and usually happens in cloud but not always. More in the winter.


I have turned icing affects off in FSUIPC


Any Idears ?



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Keep an eye on your nav display ground speed to see if it correlates at all with the IAS readings. They will not be the same. Don't forget at above 24,000 to switch to MACH on your ASI.


Climbing at 7,000 fpm at high altitudes requires a high pitch and might go beyond the angle of attack limits also increasing wing drag. Something to think about.

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