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SBAI Parking Problems


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I recently built a mixed-use civil / military airport using ADE9X and am having problems making one of my AI aircraft park correctly.


I have SBAI models - both Mig-25 and Mig-31. The Mig-31 models park correctly in the MIL_COMBAT places but the Mig-25s ignore them completely and appear in the civilian cargo spaces. This despite the fact that their aircraft.cfg files are almost identical except for obvious things like the titles, sim types etc. and both use the same parking codes. (ADE9x allows for designated spaces for Mig-25s only but the '31s park in them quite happily when instructed.)


There are more than enough MIL_COMBAT spaces and the problem occurs even when the Mig-31s are removed from the traffic bgl for this airport. I had an identical problem with an all-military airfield I constructed. There, the Mig-25s parked in spaces allocated to bombers.


Is there something in the mdl code for the SBAI Mig-25 that makes it require a larger space than it otherwise would? If anyone else has experienced this problem and found a fix for it I would be grateful if you could let me know before I tear out my few remaining hairs.




I have determined in ADE9X that the Mig-25s require a parking radius of 24m minimum, which is progress of a sort I suppose. But I'm no nearer finding out why and what can be done to correct this.

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