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B738 Outside FOV - runway


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I have posted this at AVSIM, so if you run by it there as well, please do excuse me but I am trying to reach as many knowledgeable guys out there as possible. :-)


I have been searching the net (to no use) for several weeks looking for any description of what we are supposed to see of the runway from the pilot's seat (eye level), some call it FOV!


I want to configure my Virtual or 2D views (with no panels) for the proper outside view of a 738, I am not talking about horizontally (220 deg) I am talking about what part of the runway in front me do I see and how high up the sky do I see sitting in the pilot's chair.


I will repeat because my English does not help; what is the closest part of the runway (measured from the nose) that I should be seeing in front of me? Some say 14m from the nose!


How high are the pilot's eyes above ground (tarmac) in a B737-800 (NGX)? I have read somewhere that the pilot is around 366cm from ground roughly 12ft above the tarmac.


I want to achieve as realistic a view as possible.


I am using 3 Optoma GT1080's and a 220 Deg cylindrical screen warped-views with Fly-Elise Immersive Display Pro. I am not sure if I am seeing what I should be seeing outside.


From assuming the glare-shield slope of 15° (from 737 Measurements - MarkUsPilot.com) and pilot eyes aligned with that, my triangle calculations is that if the pilot eyes are at 366cm from ground then the diagonal distance from pilot eyes to edge of runway closest to the nose would be around 14m (from the pilot) and the horizontal distance from the pilot seat to that visible edge will be 13.65m. So, probably 11.5m out in front of the nose is what a pilot should be seeing on the runway.


Are these numbers correct?


Thank you for your thoughts.



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