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Overland Simmer's Sky 777-200 LR Thrust table #1506


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I was tinkering with the thrust on this model and now it's way underpowered on the high end and overpowered on the low end. I have the AirFileManager and am looking at table item #1506 which adjusts the various phases of thrust. Would someone have the correct numbers for each thrust phase that I can put into the various graph items? I'm using 110,000 lbs of static thrust. Thanks very much

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While it doesn't directly address your question, THIS THREAD on the FSDevelopers forums is a great place to start. You will have some reading to do, as those 5 tables in the .air files can get a bit complex, but there is a TON of great, well explained, information on that forum. Good info even in just that thread, down at the bottom. Especially by the Roy Holmes guy they talk about. He seems to be the "Engine Guru" on the FSDev forums. If he don't know it, it aint worth knowing!


It well worth registering on the forums and asking questions. They are a pretty decent bunch over there. And it's free, which is always nice :)



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