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It is a great pleasure to announce that TexAir Virtual Airlines has returned to the virtual skies after a long hiatus. We have a great, fully-functional, new website (at our old location texairvirtual.org I might add) with lots of features and awards for pilots to pursue. We return with the same all-Boeing mainline fleet and that one-of-a-kind massive flight schedule similar to that of a legacy carrier, but with lots of routes no one flies thrown in. We've upgraded our terminals at all of our old hubs in Austin, Denver, Las Vegas, Portland, Minneapolis, Washington, and Tampa - once again making it obvious why everything is bigger about Texas.


What has changed is our attitude towards flying and structure in general. We don't have a very large staff design (but with that said do have some vacant positions that need filling), we no longer restrict flights or aircraft based on rank, and our activity polices are extremely relaxed (1 flight every 90 days). Pilots can file via FSPassengers, XAcars, or online manual form (we hope to support more systems in the near future). We will be adding a forum in the next day or two; and with enough interest, we may consider a dedicated TeamSpeak server and some other great add-on features. And yes, we even have an amazing new livery design in the works. We could certainly use some pilots, though! Won't you come by and say Howdy? (Any of our pre-hiatus members are more than welcome to sign up as well - we even give an award for y'all.)


vPress Release:

Based in Austin, TexAir is a world-class simulated carrier hell-bent on connecting Texas with the rest of the world. We also have hubs in Denver, Las Vegas, Portland, Minneapolis, Washington, and Tampa - making it easy to see everything really is bigger about Texas. We also offer a grand flight schedule comparable to real world legacy carriers, but with many routes that no one else flies thrown in. We have an friendly atmosphere, minimal requirements, lots of options, and lots of awards. So come by and say Howdy, Y'all!

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