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Using the JSG Panel Universal FMC


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I've pretty much figured most what this FMC is doing but have two very basic questions out there maybe someone can answer. Most FMCs show on the flight plan where the TC and TD are. I can find nothing in this one so naturally am over shooting everything as I am too high and cannot get down fast enough to capture the LOC. This FMC is supposed to auto land and when you activate it it does tell you when autoland is on but I can't figure out how to get to the LOC so it can do its thing. The FMC is easy enough to load but when you select APPROACH and go back to the LEGS page to see what the APR WP;s are, the page has been over written and you have no idea whats going on. Anyone out there know about this? I have contacted the developer and he gives me bits and pieces but if you're not RW, I don't think he wants to waste his time. So, I will tell PayPal and get my $$ back. They are good that way.
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It's basically the default GPS as far as features. if you would like a good addon FMC with Vnav,Lnav functionality and procedures, Give Integrated Simavionics a try.

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