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Flightzone 01 RI FSX Fix


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So, I recently bought FSX SE and it works better than the box version I've had for a couple of years. I wanted to get scenery for KPVD (Providence) in RI seeing that I grew up there and I am currently tweaking the Flightzone 01 RI version to make it work with FSX (had it from my FS2004). I will be posting the fix as soon as I feel it is done. I'll keep you updated here as the Flightzone scenery was really good but the developer basically abandoned it and never released or tried to release fixes to make it work with FSX. There was a fix made by another user which only updated the parking spaces (AFCAD). I still had problems with the night runway lighting bloom being too strong and intense as well as other graphical errors. I've got it working pretty well now on FSX SE so as soon as I do more testing, I will let you know.



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