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Spiky ailerons

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My ailerons are going spiky . You can se the aircraft bank in small spiky movements.


My yoke is a Saitek Pro flight. 1.5 years old.




I have done the following:


Calibrating my yoke, tried all kinds of sensitivity and deadzone settings, fiddled with FSUIPC.


Its hasnt changed anything.




Any suggestions ?

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Sorry, I have no real suggestions. Just wanted to let you know that I have gone through two sets of CH Pedals and one Saitek X52 Pro stick (still using the throttle), that all developed spiky rudder control after a year or more. It is usually believed to be dirty potentiometer problems, but to me it looks more like instability in the analog to digital conversion circuit.


You can buy a spray can of contact cleaner in any electronic parts store, and try to clean the pot, if you are not afraid of opening up the yoke - when I tried to open the CH Pedals half a dozen springs and other parts flew out - so you have to be careful. If that doesn't help, my theory above is probably correct. Good luck!

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