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Hello there.


I really want in the Extreme Landings a 767 plane to use. You know, these with 2 engines. To make flight simulations or landings easily. I'd love to use them to make a flight simulation from one to another airport in one single country. These national flights. We have a cargo plane, 5 passanger planes (one of them supersonic, a bussiness jet, a A380, a old plane and a basic plane with 4 engines too). Why can't we have a 767, which is for passengers, with two engines only? All the passangers planes we have (excluding the bussines jet) have four engines.

I really think it's necessary for realistic country flight simulations. Because at real life, there are no four engines and big planes that go from one city to another city without leaving the country (except cargo planes). The only aircrafts that do that is 737 or 767, etc. Thanks for your attention.

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Actually, the blue and white passenger plane has two engines, not four. Look before posting.


If I am in the same simulator as you, the only 2 engine plane is the business jet,RBJ-30A. The blue & white, R344P has 4 engines.

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Guest Aviation_Wonders_DHS



I would like to see in the future some Boeing aircraft. Aircraft I want personally would be the 757, the 777, or the 747-8i because I too would like to see more 2-engine jet airlines and some more aircraft that can be used for domestic use (757). The 777 and the 747-8i can be used for long haul international flights. A 737 for short to medium range domestic use would also be a nice feature to have, I usually fly the A380 from Washington Dulles to Frankfurt Germany and I have a lot of fun doing it but after a while it can get kind of boring. So please try to add some new planes for domestic and international use, thank you for your attention.

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