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Repaint request Bolivian AF T-Bird and F-86


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Is there some repainters interrested in creating some fs9 repaint for either of one of the following models:


Section F8 F-86

Virtavia F-86

Massimo Taccoli T-33


In a standard livery of the Bolivian Air Force (no special anniversary livery) ?


Bolivian AF was one of the last Air Force to withdrawn the F-86 and the are still using the T-Bird, and I am surprised that there is not so much textures of these 2 models available around.


Thanks for any help.



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Here is a work in progress on a repaint for Massimo Taccoli T-33 depincting a T-33SF from GAC-31 based at El ALto Intl, La Paz.


Still have some work to do in order to complete the texture, but there is a preview of FAB-639 over La Paz.



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