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recalibrate controls

Captain Vodka

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after having an issue with losing all my assignments to my controls. . Saitek hotas , pedals throttle quadrants etc . .I have removed the Fsupic ini file , restarted fsx which has created the default vanilla fsupic settings.


for the time being I don't want to assign my controls through fsupic but through the standard fsx settings control.


The problem Im having is the calibration of the Saitek throttle quadrants. When in cockpit the throttle, prop and mixture is having limited movement between 35-71%.


I re calibrate through fsx settings control and see that the y axis is registering whats looks like to be 1-50% then jumping to around 90-100%, a big gap in this Y axis which is assigned to prop control.


X axis - throttle is good smooth movement but only between 1-99% in cockpit, not 0-100%


z axis - Mixture control is good but only between 1-99% in cockpit, not 0-100% also


I have 0 set as null setting ( far left) in


is there also a config file that I need to delete from the previous corruption / errors I was having that might be conflicting still somewhere?


just to add, outside of FSX the control have full smooth movement recorded in the windows and the Saitek calibration settings windows. . so just in fsx they are having this issue

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