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Default FSX A321 Fictional Airline Request


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I would like to request a repaint of FSX's default A321 for a fictional airline by the name of "Skunk." I have made a repaint for FGFS but it was a bit weird and ... amateur-like? Of course it would be amateur-like; I'm inexperienced. The attached image (PRE-POST EDIT: I couldn't upload it here so it's going to Dropbox) is from FGFS but it's the only thing I have to represent what I want. Notice how the text is aligned with the stripes using the top of the lower-case letters (I don't recall the font) (PRE-POST EDIT: It was supposed to be but the top of the text got cut off so I lowered it. Also the white blocks on the top of the aircraft are not supposed to be there and the bottom of the engines are supposed to be white. That was done after I took the scrots).



echo "Hey, wait! This is a trap! ";
} ?>

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