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Planning A Route


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I became a member of Navigraph. I installed new FMC data and have started using the Charts Cloud.


in the PMDG 777 I planned a route: CYYZ to KORD. The route I got from sky vector was JARVS V2 SVM V116 NEPTS V228 THORR. So I selected my SID but didn't enter my STAR because I was giving a shot at waiting until I was closer to KORD to listen to ATIS, get my available rrunways, then choose a STAR then.


One problem is, as I got close to KORD 60-80nm out I kept trying to get ATIS (135.40) and ATIS never kicked in.


My second problem is, using Navigraph, how can I know which STAR chart is the arrival chart to use? When I bring up the STAR charts I have no idea if the waypoint at the beginning of the STAR is anywhere near the last point in the route above (THORR)?

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I use also FSCommander. I researched Thorr, and as far as I can see, it has no connection to any star from KORD. I read some where that the route finders are not always correct. I now plan my own routes. The route I would use would be a little further north by way of Flint, Michigan. Pemba2.Derlo Q822 Tanko Paitn4.FNT. Also, I tried the ATIS sitting at KORD. It worked for me. Hope this helped.

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