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Hi Guys

I have not done a lot of simming over the past few years, but now i have retired, I intend to return, the problem is what was glaringly obvious to me 3/4 years ago I now can not remember, eg my frame rate is locked at 20FPS and I cannot remember where to go to change it :confused:

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In the FS9 start up screen, click Settings in the right-hand column, click the display button...

2016-01-17 08_06_19-Program Manager.jpg


Then click the Hardware tab at the top and adjust FPS using the Target Frame Rate slider.

2016-01-17 08_07_27-Program Manager.jpg


Hope this helps.


Happy Flying!

Fair skies and following winds,


PROUD FS RTWR Pilot since 2015!

Kick the tires and light the fires! We's goin' FLYIN'!:D

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Thanks Guys.


Now here is another question, I have re installed my traffic from a disc I bought somy ears ago, and while the aircraft appear in the add on aircraft file, and the flight plans are in the file I have no traffic not even default traffic even though the system is set for 100% density??

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The individual aircraft folders should be installed in the "Aircraft" folder.

The traffic file .bgl should be installed in a scenery folder, usually scenery\world\scenery


Do you have to go through a "compile" procedure with MyTraffic ? What does the manual say?

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I take no credit for this, other than in copying/pasting. Following this made a SIGNIFICANT difference to my fps and performance on FSX on my system. Wanted to share!


Video settings for newbies (from a newbie)


Hey all,

As promised in my other post about the Newbie tip for adding scenery, here are my Nvidia control panel settings and my FSX:SE in-game settings for anyone having trouble with smoothness. Obviously these could be tweaked for your specific setup and I might play around with them a little more but this seems to be a good baseline to start with. I get ~60 FPS on "Mission Tutorial 8: Transitioning to Jets", which is the biggest video hog of any of the missions I have completed so far.



NVIDIA Control Panel -> Manage 3D settings:

Ambient Occlusion Not supported for this application (greyed out)

Anisotropic filtering Application-controlled

Antialiasing - FXAA On

Antialiasing - Gamma correction Off

Antialiasing - Mode Application-controlled

Antialiasing - Setting Application-controlled (greyed out)

Antialiasing - Transparency Multisample


Maximum pre-rendered frames 1

Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration Compatibility performance mode

Power management mode Prefer maximum performance

Shader Cache On

Texture filtering - Anisotropic sample optimization On

Texture filtering - Negative LOD bias Allow

Texture filtering - Quality Hight performance

Texture filtering - Trilinear optimization On

Threaded optimization Auto

Tripple buffering Off

Vertical sync Use the 3D application setting



FSX:SE -> Settings-> Customize:


Device NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760.0.0

Target frame rate Unlimited

Full screen resolution 5760x1980x32

Filtering Anisotropic

Anti-aliasing checked

Global texture resolution Very high

Preview DirecxtX 10 checked

Lens flare unchecked

Light bloom unchecked

Advanced animations unchecked

Informational text Single line



Default cockpit view 3-D virtual cockpit

Show cockpit ToolTips unchecked

High-resolution 3-D virtual cockpit checked

2-D panel transparency (%) 0

Aircraft casts shadows on the ground checked

Aircraft casts shadows on itself unchecked

Aircraft landing-lights illuminate ground checked



Level of detail radius Medium

Mesh complexity 51

Mesh resolution 38m

Texture resolution 2m

Water effects High 1.x

Land detail textures checked

Scenery complexity Dense

Autogen density Dense

Ground scenery shadows unchecked

Special effects detail Medium



Cloud draw distance 60mi/96km

Thermal visualization None

Simple clouds unchecked

Detailed clouds checked

Cloud coverage density High

Download winds aloft data with real-world weather checked

Disable turbulence and thermal effects on aircraft unchecked

Rate at which weather changes over time Low



Airline traffic density (%) 20

General aviation traffic density (%) 100

Airport vehicle density Medium

Road vehicles (%) 20

Ships and ferries (%) 40

Leisure boats (%) 40

Aircraft labels unchecked (all other label options greyed out)



System specs:

MainPerformancePC.com Turbo X4000K:

-Intel Core i7-4790 3.5GHz

-8GB 1600MHz RAM

-Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 w/2GB RAM

-ASUS Xonar DS sound card

-2x 1TB HDD

-Windows 7 Home Premium 64

-3x 27" Asus LED screens

-TrackIR 5 + Track Clip Pro

-Saitek X-55 HoTAS stick/throttle

-Thrustmaster MFD Cougar Pack

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