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Driver for MS Sidewinder FF Joystick under Win7

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Is this the USB or old IDE version.


My understanding is that neither version is supported by MS anymore but a driver for the USB version can be found here (http://www.driverscape.com/download/microsoft-sidewinder-force-feedback-2). The IDE version may well prove to be tougher nut to crack. Google will be your best friend here.




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I am looking for one myself,for FFB ll USB, but all I find are incompatible with win7, before I turn over to a more reliable FF source." FS Force"by Dirks software. I am still searching;It's my understanding that ever since Vista MS stopped supporting the stick and designing drivers for it.Sorry my reply isn't of any help, but might perhaps guide you in other direction in this quest and hopefuly if you find something you sharre it here.




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