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Antartica4XPlane - Part I

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Antartica4XPlane - Part I


We (Matthias, Nino and Paolo) are proud to present Part I of our Antarctica Mesh Scenery «Antarctica4XPlane».


This first part of our mesh scenery covers the South Orkney Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula down to -73 degrees. Many more areas will follow in the future (we recommend you follow our website to stay up to date).


It took us over half a year to complete this mesh scenery with a lot of hand made parts. This was due to missing and inaccurate data in the public domain (digital elevation models and outlines for the coastlines).


There are areas where you will discover issues in the mesh, but we're sure, you will nevertheless have a lot of fun.


Installation is simple: Unzip the downloaded file and place the folder «Antarctica4XPlane» into your Custom Scenery directory and add the following line at the bottom of your scenery_packs.ini:


SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Antarctica4XPlane/


The scenery_packs.ini file can be edited with Notepad, TextEdit, or an equivalent program.


Note: We strongly recommend to switch on "runways follow terrain contours".


«Antarctica4XPlane» comes exclusively for X-Plane, for free and personal use only, but without guarantee and warranty.


If you like «Antarctica4XPlane», then please visit .


We hope you have a lot of fun exploring Antarctica.


Matthias, Nino and Paolo













Download Part I of our Antarctica Mesh Scenery here:




Thanks to the following...


Laminar Research for X-Plane and the permission to use their textures

The National Snow and Ice Data Center for the digital elevation models

OpenStreetMap Contributors for their mapping work on the antarctic continent

Nino for the initial ignition of the project, dozens of IDEAS and testing support

Paolo for his technical support and dozens of RESEARCH BASE STATION SCENERIES


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