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HELP I can't uninstall FSX (not steam edition)


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So I have deleted the game file in Microsoft Games completely in my C drive but when I try to uninstall it in Uninstall or Change program I get an InstallShield Wizzard which loads but when its finished it dissapears and the game is still there even though no files are with it. Help me PLEASE!


Update: **Update: Its normal FSX


Update 2: And when I try to install the game again it either says that this setup will preform an upgrade of 'Microsoft Flight Simulator X'. Do you want to continue. When I click yes I get a message: A later version of FSX is already instaled on this machine. The setup cannot continue. Or I get an error: 1628: Failed to complete installation



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you did it the wrong way round.

you should have uninstalled from add/remove programs.

(twice, because the first time removes acceleration, the second time removes he fsx deluxe base install)

that removes most of the files.

you should then have deleted any remaining files.

and then installed again.


now, after deleting the files, uninstalling gets stuck.

that means the fsx registry entries are still in Windows.


so when you no w run the installer, Windows sees the registry entries are still there, and won't install.


You can remove the registry entries using microsoft kb928080.

(from Microsoft, yes m

Microsoft, they made both Windows and fsx...)


After the registry entries are removed, the installer should run.


Some files of fsx are in system folders. (in C:\\ )

If they are still there now, they may not be overwritten by the new install.

But I don't expect you will have big issues because of that.

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Welcome to the forum. As il8pp says, there are "left over pieces" of the old install that have to be cleaned up. After the Registry is fixed see this guide to get rid of the files left behind: http://support.precisionmanuals.com/kb/a87/how-to-uninstall-and-reinstall-fsx.aspx .



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