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Can I put together a flight sim without all the parts?


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Google Home built cockpit.

What"parts" do you want to leave out?

Are you good at creating your own controls

There are all sorts of home built control tut's

Real FS instruments may be a problem $$$.

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I'm not sure that 5 grand will cut it. You can't see it in the videos, but most cockpit builders run more than one PC to power their setup. Then there are the interface cards, wiring, switches, displays, instruments and consoles. A really good yoke will set you back about $1000 alone.


There are some companies out there selling you blueprints for home cockpits - check the FS PilotShop for KwikPit or RogerDodger - but I don't know those from personal experience so I can't comment on their usefulness.


The easier way would probably be to just "build" a desk-pit, using a table, Saitek panels and switches, a really nice yoke (I recommend PFC if you want to get close to the RW feeling - or even one of those new ForceFeedback yokes), throttle quadrant or TPM controls and pedals. Put three 24-27" screens on it with TrackIR on top ... and buy a really powerful computer...

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1. Computer.


2. Monitor.


3. Joystick.


4. Pedals.




Like Jim said!


All you need to start, give yourself some time before getting into something you may not like.





YouTube channel "David Robles FSX"

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