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Aero Commander in Switzerland with Terrain Mesh


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I was trying to find the Matterhorn with FS9 default scenery and struck out, so I installed the FSGenesis 19m mesh for Switzerland and finally found it. Without the mesh the mountain was unrecognizable, just a bump amid all the other bumps.


To get there I flew the Aero Commander 680 (ac680vc9.zip by Milton Shupe, Scott Thomas, and André Folkers) out of Sion. I've only recently installed this plane but it's terrific to fly and has rapidly become my favorite twin.


Here's a shot of it leaving Sion, with the terrain mesh at work



And here is a shot at the Matterhorn



I have rapidly become a mesh lover and will be getting more.




My FS web site: http://www.cjcom.net/FS-a.htm with screen shots and short articles. Updated regularly.
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