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Avidyne Entegra MFD - Heading Problem


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The Avidyne Entegra MFD gauge has the following problem. (Same as with the Aspen EFD1000 gauge). Tested both for FSX and X-Plane.


If you enter a heading between 0 and 29 degrees it works 100%. When you enter a heading (PLANE HEADING DEGREES GYRO) of 30 degrees, the compass rose resets to N. It then lags the heading by 30 degrees until your reach 60. It then resets again to N and then lags by 60 degrees. It does it again at 90 degrees.... etc.


Air Manager 2.1.0

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Don't know when 2.1.1 will be released but here is a work around for fsx.

First comment out line 187, it is trying to rotate the hsi text as the rose spins but we replace it with static text in the new png.

Change line 530 to read:

img_rotate(img_headind, ((elecheading - apheading) * -1) + 13)


Replace the existing rose with the one attached.. Many thanks to Rob_b who helped with the work around.


I found there are other nav errors on the HSI but haven't had time to chase. Happy for others to have a crack.


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