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Best real world scenery add-ons for FSX


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Hi everyone,

New to flight sims but have been flying both XP10 and FSX for the past week and trying to decide which way to go. With X-Plane, I installed GB Pro Scenery and the low level detail is amazing and accurately maps (for example) my village with all roads AND buildings in their real world place.


I would like to achieve the same real world accuracy in FSX but I'm getting a bit lost. I installed "VFR Real Scenery Vol 1-4" but the photoscenery is (as you would expect) very flat, and very pixelated at say 1000ft. I then tried "Orbx - FTX: EU England" - much better looking at low level, but my village and buildings not in real life positions.


I've run round in circles on Youtube and all the flight sim forums and have found the following candidates:

Ultimate Terrain X Europe for Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Ground Environment X Europe

FTX Global

Open VFR:

openVFR Autogen - "all these houses and trees will be placed in 3D at their real world positions".

openVFR Terrain? openVFR Objects? openVFR Mesh?


So rather than me keep buying scenery piece-meal and potentially being disappointed, my question is:


What add-ons do I need to buy in order to get authentic low-level 'real world' scenery for FSX? Primarily UK.

System is i7-4790K at 4.2GHz with GTX 970 Strix.


Would FTX Global and openVFR autogen do the trick? A combination of all the above? Just openVFR terrain+objects+autogen?


Thanks for any help!


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Yeah like neilfb said, Justflight's Revolution X sounds good and I'll be buying it myself soon, it costs about £25-




At the moment I use Horizon VFR Photoreal Gen X, but have added the 'Treescapes' program to it (£10) which places 3D trees on it and brings it alive, it works with my Win 7 but ask the shop if it also works with 8 and 10-



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Here are some comparison shots-

This is Windsor (England) with standard VFR GenX Photoreal scenery plus Treescapes-




And this is Revolution X which places buildings and trees on your existing photoreal scenery which you must have already installed-




Another Revolution X shot, the buildings and trees really bring the photoreal alive-


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