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IS3-Object Properties


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I would like to lay down a section of RXR track end to end over a curvature of terrain. It would be nice to be able to use the Object Properties feature of Elevation, Pitch, Bank etc., but in doing so I get the message "pitch & bank settings do not work in FSX SP2 & Acceleration pack." I was thinking about de-complying & re-complying the BGL file but haven't tried it yet.

Any suggestion would be very helpful.


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Best thing to do is just try it first and see what happens. That bit about pitch & bank being broken at SP2 isn't entirely true, it's broken with most of the default objects post-SP2 simply because the default objects were "batched" at SP2.


In spite of the warning, IS will let you pitch & bank things and it'll work and look fine while IS is running, some objects will however stand straight up after you close IS and restart the sim. If that happens it means your model is batched (it employs drawcall batching). Drawcall batching is a good thing because it allows objects like a grass clump to be placed hundreds of times in a scenery on just one drawcall. The downside of drawcall batching is that it breaks pitch & bank in placements.


If your rail sections turn out to be "batched" (they lay flat after you restart the sim) it is possible to unbatch them with MCX by adding an empty LOD which triggers MCX not to batch the model. You don't really need to worry much about drawcalls in this case since you likely won't be placing a huge number of copies of the rail object (relative to a vegetation object for example).



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