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FSX on Windows 10


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I'm thinking about purchasing a new laptop in the coming months. Wondering how FSX operates on Windows 10, as I've read a lot of people have trouble - so I'd like some other opinions if I could...


I'm currently on Windows 7 and haven't had any issues whatsoever. Another thing, are all add-ons likely to work on Windows 10? That is, popular add-ons that I have now (freeware) working perfectly Win7 - or is it a bit of hit and miss for each one? It wouldn't require playing with additional downloads to convert files to Win10 or anything would it? I'll just install Win7 again if that's the case -- or if many add-ons aren't likely to work -- I don't want 10 anyway :(.


Thanks for any help.

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I've read a lot of people have trouble


I'm currently on Windows 7 and haven't had any issues whatsoever. That is, popular add-ons that I have now (freeware) working perfectly Win7


I think you have already answered your own question.


You will get a wide range of responses to this question, all the way from "go back to XP" to "Win 10 works fine." The question then becomes who do you believe because their experience is not an accurate prediction of your experience.


You should not have to convert files to Win10 if you do upgrade.


Myself, Win7 works just fine, I see no strong compelling reason to go to 10 yet. I don't want to take the risk of having the problems many have experienced.

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When Windows 7 came out, tin-foil hat wearers were saying "I'm not gonna change from Windows XP" just like they rant now about Win 10. Windows 10 is fine, and with the free Classic Shell add-on, looks just like Windows 7. Turn off the Connected User Experiences and Telemetry Service if you really believe that Microsoft has hired Dr. Evil to spy on you. If you use Chrome OS, Android, or Google, you're pretty much sending the same information to the corporations anyway. :p


The one-and-only problem I've encountered with Windows 10 was an old 2002 Kodak printer utility dependent on dotNet 2.0.



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Do a search of the forum - there are numerous threads discussing the use of Win 10 and FSX. Some posters tell stories of woe and others have no problems whatsoever. I have yet to jump to Win 10 - (currently run two laptops one with 7 and the other with 8.1 - both of which I have run FSX on successfully) - but will be replacing the 7 rig with a new one in the new year and will make the leap to 10 then.


IMHO the vast majority of problems experienced with 10 seem to be down to non win 10 compliant drivers which are easily overcome. A bit of pre-upgrade prep, for example ensuring that you have the latest drivers installed can ease the process.


I think you are slightly confused with regards to addons. Addons are primarily designed to work with a specific FS version and not the OS. In many cases the 'code' to work with an OS makes up only a tiny fraction of the overall code total and is normally restricted to being able to run elements like .dll libraries and .network packages. These packages tend to be common across OS's and are generally backward compatible or happy to work along side each other (for example you current rig will more than likely have multiple instances of .network installed. Therefore, there should be no requirement to play with additional downloads to convert files to Win10.


In the main, freeware seems to have caused no problems but some payware titles have shown the need to re-installed - in these cases its mostly due to the fact that most payware makes changes to the registry as part of the product authentication/validation process and the installation of a new OS is seen as a major upgrade.


Finally, it is worth noting that most new laptops will come with either Win 8.1 or, increasingly, 10 preinstalled, So to go back to Win 7 you will need to have a copy available. I would suggest that you go for a 8.1 rig (as FSX works perfectly on it), install FSX and once you got the sim running as you like upgrade to 10. This will give you 30 days to see if FSX runs Ok - if you don't like 10 or have problems running FSX you will be able to roll back to 8.1 at anytime during the 30 days.




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I just upgraded which means i didnt start with a buggy win10. Mine is troublefree and none of my programs know any different. Fsx works smooth as silk. I dont get a crash everytime i exit like u used to.


Itll still run out of virtual memory if i fly to several aftermarket airports in succession. :)


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