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aircraft slow loading textures solved.

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I recently posted on my frustration with textures on aircraft (no problem with ground textures) being slow to render going from panel view to spot .

I searched through a mass of forums trying to find a solution,but got no joy.

The texture bandwidth multi trick used in Fs9 was a no no....or so I thought.

In FSX TBM is set at forty ,and it is recommended not to alter that figure ,but if you should change then figures of 70 80 or 90 are recommended.

I tried all these ,but with no effect ie textures on aircraft still slow to render.

I thought to hell with this I will try TBM at 400 ( the same as I have it in 9).

It works! textures now load instantly, going from 2d to spot.

I have not encountered any problems with the Sim having done this.

I have just completed a two hour flight.

Textures loading instantly .

Much joy.

So not sure why this tbm tweak is frowned upon.

Maybe I've just been lucky with my particular setup.


Cheers Andy

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