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Help me! ORBX corrupted something!


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Hello all, (*NOTE: I use FSX:SE*)

I recently got FTX Global, and the FTX NA Airports, and I disliked it, so I uninstalled them. Immediately after, the only airports I could select were obscure airports in Alaska or Hawaii. I reinstalled FSX, and the same thing happened. I re-verified the game, it reinstalled some files, same thing happened. I'm at a loss of what to do. Help!

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Which FTX NA Airports were installed? How did you uninstall the ORBX sceneries? How, exactly did you do the FSX uninstall/reinstall? There is nothing in an ORBX install that could harm anything in your FSX folders. Global is only replacement ground textures and the airports are all contained solely within the ORBX folder. Given that you still have the problem after reinstalling FSX something else is wrong.



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