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And here is another video of my 747-400 cockpit! CYUL-EIDW Flight.


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That is an amazing Youtube experience. Thanks for sharing :)

Thank you very much for the comments, it makes it worth-wile -really.

and I am going to post a new video every 3-4 days, next coming up in 2 days is a flight in the worst possible weather conditions from Krakow-Balice in Poland to Fairbanks Alaska. Thank you. Mark

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Wow! That is an impressive setup indeed. I can only imagine how much work it must have been.

Yes Avalillo, it was a lot of work. 20 years dreaming about it, 5 years gathering materials and components, 1 year drawings and planning, and 4 months assemblage - and a lifetime enjoyment LOL! Jokes aside, it is truly a huge undertaking, but all worth it in the end, because now I can fly my all-time favorite bird - anytime I like (which is every night) lol. thank you, mark.

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