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Request for screenshot of KMGJ Orange County Airport, NY

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I have planes (mostly Cessna's) fly over my house each day arriving at KMGJ. I have FS9 but an old PC that cannot run FSX. I plan to get a new PC to meet Prepar3D needs but I was wondering how KMGJ was going to look from the air approaches. Can some be so kind to post a few shots so I can drool and then maybe not wait so long for the PC purchase. Thanks in advance.
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Well not exactly default P3D v3 but the airport itself is, and disappointingly it probably hasn't changed much since FS9. I've got FTXGlobal and UTX USA v2 going in these shots, also REX4 and some Zinnertek HD airport building textures. FTXG is responsible for the ground textures and autogen, UTX is responsible for the water and shorelines, roads, and also supplies landclass. The flight took place on July 25th, 2015 with ASN supplying historical weather for that date. I had a nice flight, thanks for the suggestion!


Click on any of the screenshots to open the complete full sized gallery in a new tab.



Approaching from the North I flew beyond KMGJ to KMMU Morristown, NJ, turned over the airport at 5000' toward BWZ (Broadway) VOR and then to SAX (Sparta, NJ) VOR where the LNAV rwy 03 approach begins. Not sure but I think this was Morristown.





Apparently there's a golf course just south of the airport, most likely UTX USA v2 is responsible for that.





I did a touch n go on rwy 03 then turned right about 100° towards KSWF Newburgh, NY. Just beginning a 180° left turn over KSWF to more or less line up on rwy 26 at KMGJ.





Lined up.





Couple conveniently placed trees make for a steep approach, pretty sure I drug the landing gear through the treetops.





...so by then the wind had shifted favoring rwy 21 so I taxied back and took off again to the South.





Balls to the wall climb to 9000', thought I'd fly around a while till the FTX lights turned on.





I believe this would be the Hudson river just South of Poughkeepsie, flying direct towards Block Island. REX wave effects may be a little overboard. :)





The FTX lights came on just before passing KHVN New Haven, CT so I turned back towards KMGJ and loaded the RNAV 21 LPV approach with the IGN (Kingston VOR) transition. Turning here over the VOR, that's KPOU Poughkeepsie below the airplane.




More shots on the way...

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Last turn onto final rwy 21 KMGJ.





Random cool shot - "on the LPV"





I T&G'd on rwy 21 and turned left towards KSWF again for one last approach rwy 26 at KMGJ.





This is basically the same shot as #4 above, just a bit later in the day. Lined up on rwy 26





Finally on the ground at KMGJ and calling it a night.







Well, that's what KMGJ looks like in my sim world anyway :) . Let me know if there's anything specific you want to see.



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Spectacular series Jim - I've really got to bite the bullet and make the jump...


This was my hangar for around 10 years - had the South facing corner - real sweet spot.... Spent many an afternoon sitting in a beach chair just watching the traffic... When they jacked the rent to $440.00 it was time to move... The T-2 hangar is the one closest to 21...






Couple real shots for comparison:











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Thanks for those pics Scott, what a beautiful airport. I can certainly think of worse places to spend an afternoon sitting in a beach chair! I hadn't expected it to be so rural, now I feel like deer hunting or something! But wow, $440 is crazy and IIRC that was a few years back when you moved. Am I remembering correctly that you're now hangaring at KMSV?


re: Sims, I can't say P3D v2.x ever really replaced FSX as my sim of choice. I couldn't ever get it smoothed out like FSX, but v3 runs nice and so far I haven't done any actual flying to speak of in v2.5 or FSX since I installed v3. In those shots I'd been playing with the HDR settings and I may have had them messed up. I had bloom turned way down, saturation way up, and brightness down somewhat from default so those shots are probably quite a bit darker than v3 looks right out of the box.


No problem on the pics Brian, like I said it was a nice flight and I haven't been to the East coast in the sim for months so I totally enjoyed it. Nothing wrong with FS9 BTW, it was my sim of choice for many years and I always though I had it looking pretty good back in the day. I'm still using basically all the same environment stuff in v3 that I used for years in FS9. IMHO FS9 can still hold it's own in the screenshot forums :) :





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Hi Jim,


LOL - good memory - yep moved to KMSV a few years ago for the $220.00 rent - cheapest I know of in my area... The airport at KMSV is a bit surreal as it has a large terminal with baggage handling facilities and a runway capable of handling commercial airliners - - - just no people or planes... It's an "international" airport that was probably built in the 50's/60's with high hopes to turn the Catskills into a premier resort destination that never materialized... They must get a substantial amount of federal money as they've recently been doing improvements all over the airport... The downside for me is plane watching is almost nonexistent and snow removal usually takes 3 to 4 days with heavy snows...


Nice King Air - my "Power Ball" plane would probably be a Baron but the turbines do have a certain allure...




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