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Joystick calibration for x question

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Have been trying X again this week.

Things going OK but iam finding aircraft (the two I have tried so far are the default Maule and A Beechcraft 18 converted for X from 9) are almost impossible to control on takeoff ie wondering wildly across the runway as I apply takeoff power.

I don't have this problem with 9 ,the same Beechcraft holds its course on the runway as I takeoff, needing minimum correction to hold its line.

Should I be re-calibrating my joystick for X?


Cheers Andy

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Propeller torque. You have your realism settings at max which means propeller torque in in effect, and will cause some prop planes to "crab" sideways when power is applied.


Thanks Cpt

I do have realism at Max in fs9 ,but have not experienced the same problems of aircraft control on takeoff.

It must be different in FSX.

I will try a lower realism setting .

What would you recomend?


Cheers Andy

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