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In Air Manager rotating the com or nav dial is not usable as turning the dial with your finger on a touch screen the digits increase / decrease too fast to get the proper frequency set. Clicking with a mouse is fine and able to select proper frequency. I noticed on a touch screen any off / on switch works very well and is very sensitive. Multiple touch on dials does not work repeatably for selecting frequency. Just wish I could use touch ( not rotate ) to select frequency.
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Thanks for your very quick replies Ralph. I am new to Lua with no programming experience. Just started to look at the logic.lua files. Complicated but in time I will understand it. Not sure where to insert this code for the Generic Bendix/King KX 165A

I will try placing it in alternate locations to see if I can get it to work.

Thank You again,



function callback(direction)

print("dial has been turned another 90 degrees")



dial_id = dial_add("a.png", 100,100,100,100,callback)


-- We want to get a dial tick every 90 degrees

touch_setting(dial_id , "ROTATE_TICK", 90)


-- We do not want to show highlighting on this dial

touch_setting(dial_id , "SHOW_HIGHLIGHT", false)

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The dial feature on Air Manager seems problematic as rotation on the screen surface to changes the frequency is too fast and very difficult to select proper frequency. Lua programming skills would be a definite plus for users but even my limited knowledge I was able to make some minor adjustments on clone gauges I made. Air Manager is truly a great program and I believe will have a great future. I am hoping the updates will address the dial rotation issue so I can continue my research and development.
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It works like this, an example:


combig = dial_add("dialbig.png", 229, 113, 85, 85, new_combig)

touch_setting(combig, "ROTATE_TICK", 90)


This causes the dial to trigger the callback function 'new_combig' every 90 degrees you rotate it. By default it's every 20 degrees, you can adjust the value to get as you like.

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Hi there,



Just tried:

touch_setting(setting_dial, "ROTATE_TICK", 90)


It seems to work fine here, it gives me 4 callbacks every full circle. Could you send me the complete instrument? So I can see if I get the same result here.



Sorry for the trouble,



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Really hoping I can get this to work for the rotation speed issue. Please forgive me as I do not want to be a pain. With out the rotation fix I might get by with buttons to adjust frequency but so far have not been able to modify code to make that idea work.


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