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River Run

SAM Hunter

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Last Year


A challenge if you will


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April 5th, 2014, 23:06




By: (padburgess) Sim-Outhouse Member




Hi All




Well not so much a challenge as an opportunity to display some of your skill and share an adventure.

I have just finished the first leg of a planned route and invite you all to share the experience. My flight was VFR, from Abbortsford to Prince George via the Fraser River valley/gorge.

I invite you all to fly the route as I did and then post some shots of it or just register your success or not as the case may be.

There are a couple of simple rules. The flight must be in the river valley, at no more than 600ft AGL, at no less than 350knots and you must not pop up above the surrounding terrain highest points (stay below radar coverage). You may cut corners where suitable (it is impossible to keep to the river valley implicitly as the turns in places are just too tight, so as long as you do not pop the surrounding terrain you can straight line them).

I used Alphasims TSR2 for my flight but you can use what ever aircraft you like, as long as it can sustain 350knots. Most of my flight was done at above 450knots with a max of 580knots, then a full throttle run (dry) over Prince George.








This Year:


Low Level, High Speed...


November 1st, 2015, 14:42


By: ViperPilot2 Sim-Outhouse Member




Last year (I think), a few of us here got together to do a 'comparison' of different Fighters making a high speed, low level run down a River valley somewhere, starting in either the NW US or SW Canada.


Does anyone here remember that Thread, and the series of Flights that were posted? I cannot remember if it was here, or in the FSX Forum.


I remember using Kirk's Viper, Kaz's F-117N and his A-7 to do the runs with...


Just wondering if there's any interest to give these another go, all in the name of FUN and BRAGGING RIGHTS afterward?


Thanks for your interest! I'll also put this in the FSX Forum.






My Submission:



Sorry I'm late for the party, After three try's here is my flight. 600ft AGL in a hairpin turn alittle harder to do then I thought.






"Remember, All you have to do is ask."


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