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Online pilot-client historical overview (question for the flightsim veterans)


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Hello flight-sim-veterans,

I'm looking for information to create an overview of all flightsimulator "Pilot Client software) over the years that have been used by the following online flight networks:

- SATCO (the mother of all online flightsim networks)

- VATSIM (the 1st child of SATCO)

- IVAO ((the 2nd child of SATCO)


- FsOpen


So far I have found these PilotClient software packages over the timeline myself:

- VATSIM: Squawkbox, FsInn, VPilot

- IVAO: Squawkbox, IvAp

- FPI: Squawkbox, ATOC

- FsOpen: Pilot Assistant



Can you add more information about these online-lfight-networks to this thread?

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