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Where can i get the best custom weather addon? :)


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hello guys, i have a simple question maybe any of you can give an inspiration :)


The thing is, that im looking for the best weather addon i can get for fsx. But i don´t looking for live weather. Im looking for an weather addon where you can set the weather, and have some more advaneced settings, the standard fsx sucks. I want to be able to make my own weather themes, in fsx you can´t create your own. There is any weather addon out there where you can create your own weather for a flight?


Thanks in advance.


Have a nice day :)

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You probably should look at REX Weather Architect. I don't have it but it sounds like it does what you're looking for.


You can make weather themes for FSX but you have to download the Weather Themes SDK for FS2004. In any case the themes SDK is a very crude program and I'd guess that REX WA is much more user friendly.

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