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X-Plane or FSX for A320 with best graphics?


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Hi guys. I have been reading the forums for some time and finally decided to join.


I am an Airbus a320 pilot. Hopefully I can share some real world knowledge if anyone has questions.


I am trying to decided which SIM to buy for leisure flying and making youtube high quality videos.


I am a big Apple person but could convert to windows if I had to.


Which SIM will be better for me to fly the A320 with the best graphics and Airline Livery add-ons?




Currently running 21.5" iMac 3.1 ghz Intel core i7 16GB RAM and Nvidia GT 650M 512mb


I'd like an American Livery and Virgin America Livery that is good quality like these photos




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Hi John,


Welcome to the X-Plane forums here at FlightSim.com:D.


I'm not sure if I'm the best person to advise you here as I'm not a particularly big heavy metal flyer. However, in saying that (and this is painful being a massive X-Plane fan:D) I would say that FSX/P3D would be your sim of choice if you were to concentrate solely on the A320.


The reason being, Aerosoft do a fantastic package called A320/A321 for FSX and P3D:




From what I have heard and seen, it's hard to beat so this would be my recommendation.


There are Airbus add-ons available for X-Plane, but none of them (I think) have the fidelity that this payware model offers.


John, one more thing; being an Apple fan doesn't stop you from running FSX or P3D. All Apple computers come with their very own boot manager called Boot Camp (part of OSX):




I myself use this to run both FSX/P3D on Windows 7 and they work flawlessly. I get the best of all worlds; I have OSX for work and X-Plane, and then Boot Camp for FSX and P3D!


Could it get any better?:D





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