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I just want to point out to everyone that with the actual release of "Microsoft Flight" the focus of this forum needs to change.


You've all had several months to complain about how "Flight" is not the sim you want, how Microsoft has let us down, how you won't be using "Flight", etc. That's fine, we all needed to get through that stage. However, with "Flight" actually becoming available there are going to be people using it, who want to use it, and this forum is for them, just like the FS2004 forum is for people who use FS2004 and the FSX forum is for people who use FSX. For those of you who have clearly stated you will not be using "Flight" it's time for you to return to the forum(s) for the sims you actually do use.

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So no negative comments in the "Flight" forum....(about Flight)....



I do not believe Nels means that you cannot express your opinions about Flight. I in fact would think that he encourages you to post what you would like to address.


However there is little use in posting rants or complaints about Flight. I think what he is trying to say is that many people are enjoying Flight and find it worth playing and you know as well as I having others talking negative about something you find enjoyable for no "constructive" reason gets old fast.


If you have a legit concern or question about flight we would all love to hear about it however we don't want to go around belittling someone's fondness for any Sim title.

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