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The fsOC 727-200 is the FS Open Components (fsOC) version of the amazing FS2004 freeware 727-200 created by Erick "Vistaliners" Cantu (airframe), Charles Fox (FDE) and Richard "TinMouse" Probst (panel). fsOC has added new liveries by Alejandro "Draco" Hurtado (see the FlightSim.com file library), panel modifications by Mike McCarthy, and Johan Dees has agreed to look at certain ways to improve the FDE as already tweaked by Mike McCarthy. The aircraft is a work in process and is changing too quickly to warrant an update of the Flightsim.com file library at this time. However, it will be made available to anyone who wants a copy via download from the fsOC ftp site. Just send an email request to mike@pcgamecontrols.com and I'll reply with download instructions. (No forum mail, please. I want to know whom I'm dealing with.) We would like anybody who will be actively flying the fsOC 727-200 to join this group and participate in discussions about status and directions for this marvelous open components creation by the former Cantu/Fox/Probst team.
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