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Pilots Seek Location Advantages in the Housing Market



Commercial airliner pilots normally live in the vicinity of an airport. So it makes sense that when pilots are searching for a home to purchase, they will look in the vicinity of their home base. While it's safe to say that location is a large factor in a pilot's home buying decision, there are a few other factors that may be taken into account. Home amenities, proximity to good school systems, and definitely location are all factors to consider.

Home Amenities

Most airliner pilots, especially those with some tenure, may make a salary large enough to budget for a home that features some extra amenities. While no one amenity will appeal to all pilots, it's safe to say that inground swimming pools Maryland will appeal to many, a large fenced-in backyard may be appealing to some and a theater room might attract the eye of others. As with any professional, the advantage of a higher salary means that their budget may allow for more extras in a home. No one amenity fits all pilots' lifestyles, but the point here is that pilots may tend to focus on neighborhoods where houses with such add-ons are prevalent. If they have children, they may seek amenities related to raising a family. If not, they may look for extras that match their hobbies. Either way, there's no limit to the variety of amenities that may attract pilots to a home or neighborhood.

High-Ranking School Systems

Pilots are career professionals with college degrees. Statistics show that those parents with college degrees are more likely to send their children to college. For this reason, pilots will probably seek out areas where the school systems rank high in performance and college preparatory programs. These schools also may be more likely to offer more diverse extra-curricular activities. Going further, pilots may even seek homes in the vicinity of colleges or universities. This way, they may be close to children pursuing a college education. Pilots may also be drawn to areas near universities that feature aviation training programs as the opportunities for collaboration and networking may be appealing.

Location, Location, Location

Most airline pilots fly primarily out of one home airport. Therefore, unless they are considering changing airlines or careers, they will want to live within a reasonable commute from that base. What constitutes a reasonable commute varies from pilot to pilot. Just as in other fields, those professionals without families may find an hour or more commute time feasible. For those men and women with children, a commute that long may mean missing important school activities or they may simply want more time at home to watch their children grow.

In addition to proximity to their home base airport, pilots may find it appealing to be close to private hangers and airstrips. Some commercial airliner pilots fly their own personal planes and will not want a long commute to where they keep those machines. Pilots may use these personal planes to give private pilot lessons as a side business and in that case, they will want very easy access to either a private airstrip or a local commuter airport. In thinking about location, it's important to remember that pilots may have more than one airport to which they need access and the perfect home may be right in the middle.

While location may be the most important factor for many airliner pilots in the search for a new home, other considerations need to be taken into account. As discussed, pilots may seek home amenities such as inground pools, theater rooms or large, fenced-in yards. In addition, pilots may narrow their search to homes within school systems that offer their children the best college preparatory curriculum. Finally, in addition to proximity to their home base airport, pilots may search for homes adjacent to or near private airstrips or hangers where they can store their private planes. In general, pilots will be looking for homes that best fit their ideal commute and the lifestyle they desire.


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