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My Traffic BS



I am one of the many unfortunate buyers of My Traffic. I have spent my hard earned money on this crappy product and have nothing but grief in return

This product has no reasonable way of becoming installed. It offers links that have no value. It uses up a ton of space on my system and now after almost six months of trying to install just one damned file, I have given up.

Money is hard to come by, so my advice to my fellow simmers,, don't even try to make this damned thing happen....

Unless you are a software developer or programmer, you will not get your monies worth.

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I have used MyTraffic since the "I had to pay for it" days. I never had a hiccup nor a complaint. One of the best products for FS2004 going ..... and still going.


I find your "review" to be totally biased and inaccurate .... as evidently some of your other comments are .....

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