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Tony Radmilovich



I truly like to think of the flightsim hobby as a community, people who work with each other to make things better, at least within the hobby itself and who are willing to help each other when necessary. Help usually means tips on tweaking FSX, inside info on an aircraft.cfg setting, ideas on new scenery or aircraft liveries, etc. but sometimes it extends into the real world. This is one of those cases.


Tony Radmilovich has been around the flightsim hobby for as long as I can remember. We have files he uploaded to the FlightSim.Com file library dating back into the 1990's. He has written for many publications and even occasionally for us:




Most recently you may have read about him in one of Bill Smith's feature stories:




Anyway, Tony has recently suffered medical and financial problems worse than anyone should have to bear and this is an opportunity to show that the flightsim community really is a community and help out. For more, view this video from one of his fellow PC Pilot writers:



Now, if you can help, finally visit Tony's site here and do what you can:



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Thank you so much Nels. I hope this will help out, at least a small bit, for Tony. Nothing will help the physical pain nor the day-to-day strain but if he can at least pay to keep the lights on that will be something!
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