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As promised here I am. :)

Today I tested the IFDG A320, in Thomas Cook livery.

I just flew out from Manchester and back.

I liked the model/tetxtures, and panel, seems more realistic (compared with my Pay wear abacus, but the gauges are too small. to see properly. So I still Prefer the abacus panels.

I can live with that.


But what really let it down was the fact that a (in my opinion) Major detail was Overlooked:

When I landed and set reverse thrust, the animation on the engine was of a sliding motion, backwards like a 737, and not opening out properly. Like an A320 should

(If you don't understand what I mean)

see this: (A320)



(LOOK at the engine)


And compare it to this (737):




So I'm thinking of transfering the Thomas Cook textures to my abacus set.

Decisions, Decisions


I also made my first flight to Newcastle from Heathrow in the Abacus Airbus A319, BA.


Thanks for reading all that, heres a reward: a screenshot of the A320

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