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I Better not Jinx Myself.



Over a year has passed since my last blog post about MSFS 2020. Numerous updates and additional content has been released for the sim from MS and Asobo. Thing seem to finally settling down in the sim with consistent crashes, borked downloads, things resetting on their own. Just really has become an all round very nice game to have. I love it, from the random crashes, the constant (supposed) loss of internet connection (cue random finger painted abstract art,) and the auto reset of graphics back to potatoe mode. When you load into a session and find the friendly face of member of the ground crew bobbing up and down in the cockpit is just wonderful. From setting up a flight in a helicopter from a dedicated heliport and immediately crashing through the helipad the moment you load in, to not moving with an IAS of 150 knots. Just such a pleasant relaxing game to have. 


Yes, my tongue was, and is, embedded in my cheek, hence the title. However, one thing about MSFS 2020 still grinds my gears, rips out my hair, swear at the thing and that is control assigning. I kid you not, I spent a good three hours setting up the Honeycomb throttle so I could use it on PMDG's latest 737, (737-600.) I was looking for the thrust revers under engines, nope, they were under some other random section. Reassigning the yoke for said aircraft was kind of straight forward, batter switch on yoke to battery switch in sim. I even managed to set up a button combo for the APU, after an hour. (Don't ask me how I did, I just got lucky.) Well it's three hours of sim time I'm never getting back. 




PS, the PMDG 737-600, fantastic addon, works a dream with NO ISSUES!!!! 


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